Writing An Introduction To Write A First Draft

From outline to the party

All managers of the company completed a course on operation of equipment at plants John Deere in the USA. They accurately know all details of equipment. And therefore they offer the equipment meeting the requirements and features of a certain region of Kazakhstan.

Quickly outdate types of the equipment (computers, copy and multiplying equipment, different types of office equipment, etc.) and technically difficult demanding continuous service belong to the main objects of expeditious leasing (cargo and cars, air airliners, railway and sea transport).

- are interested in development of leasing not only lessees as consumers of the equipment, but also the operating productions as due to leasing the sales market of the equipment made by them extends;

The leasing company, having convinced of liquidity of the project, buys this equipment from firm manufacturer, either another legal, or the natural person selling the property which is object of leasing.

- in the presence of the profitable project the consumer has opportunity to receive the equipment and to begin this or that production without large one-time costs. It is especially actual for the beginning small and average businessmen;

- with the decreasing sizes (the accelerated, regressive payments) used by lessees with a steady financial position when in an initial stage of leasing the user prefers to extinguish the most part of the debt to the lessor.

Besides the leasing airs assumed in our country, in the world, except leasing of the equipment, grain leasing, leasing of labor and many other types of goods so the potential of this type of the economic relations in our country is very great takes place.

Thus, taking into account world experience development of leasing business can and has to become for one of the most perspective directions of activization of investment process, and also a paved impulse of modernization of a and restructuring.

Marketing – the complex enterprise management system proceeding from the accounting of a situation on a sales market, and also the organization of sale of goods. This department is one of important in representation to the company to potential clients, competitors and other firms to partners.