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export of production produced on this technology in the territory of any country or a number of the countries because of their restrictive practice and different barriers; — in large volume of domestic market. In the first case sale of the license for technology will allow to return partially or completely expenses, on its development, in the second — to get on the markets, for commodity export, in the third — to saturation of domestic market, to lower costs or somehow differently to use advantages of division of labor.

Search of potential licensees among firms of the capitalist countries cannot be limited only to selection by the production principle — by the form the made production coinciding with a subject of technology as it is possible with the enterprises and the organizations of the socialist countries.

For decades development of international trade in licenses happens rather faster rates, than trade in goods, especially in the developed capitalist countries. On their share 99% of world export of licenses and patents and 85% of their import.

Lump-sum payment the at a time or in 2 — 3 receptions represents payment ­ the recorded sum license. This form quite seldom, usually at sale of the rights for patents or when developing technology at the level of idea.

There can be also other reasons for sale of technology, especially to member countries of SEV where there are no barriers to export of production and where expediency of sale of licenses is defined mainly proceeding from of cooperation and specialization.

Any development of constructive, technological character, structure of a or alloy, substance, way of treatment, methods of search or Mining, technique of (including means of software of the COMPUTER), data of organizational, financial, character etc., as the containing inventions not supporting those, and also trademarks and industrial samples can be object of the license. The object has to possess purity.

providing technological knowledge, for acquisition, installation and use of the cars and the equipment, semi-finished products and materials received for the account of purchase, rent, leasing or otherwise;

Besides above-mentioned forms of transactions, there is also a noncommercial form of a technological exchange, transfer of a scientific and technical in different types, carrying out scientific, symposiums, visit of exhibitions and fairs etc. belongs to the.

High rates of NTP create favorable conditions for successful development of patent and license business. In turn, well organized patent ­ work is one of effective and the NTP accelerators.

The international exchange of scientific and technical experience and knowledge occurs in the most various forms, traditional purchase and sale of final goods and an for their production, employment of foreign scientists and experts, licenses for front lines equipment and technology.

All that was already told concerning search of the buyer of technology in the socialist countries, treats and search of the potential seller (the licensor. By searches of the seller of a concrete in the western market the task changes.

Practically also long-term agreements on industrial, and scientific and technical cooperation are signed with all western countries. In the text of these agreements or in protocols and annexes to them, as a rule, there are special articles and points, in possible objects of license cooperation are specified.