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Cards cryptocontrollers are used for cryptographic information processing. They contain the specialized processors which are carrying out enciphering of data on various standards (to DES, RSA, etc.), and also means for maintaining keys. These cards are effectively applied in various security systems.

Actually for debit cards it is not necessary the card account as any operation belongs at once into the usual customer account, be it deposit, current, savings or any another. If the account is not present, opens special card on which funds under future expenses are deposited.

The largest international financial associations, such as VISA, American Express, Master Card, Europay, Diners Club and JCB, present abroad to the clients practically any service in any services industry. Functioning of such financial associations leans on powerful infrastructure for which use it is paid commission charges. They can be considered as a share of founders of these networks in distribution of the income.

— to keep in the round-the-clock contact with all other organizations - participants of this program for an occasion of large deals. It can carry out this task independently all 24 hours, working in the On-line mode, or to use services of the third-party organizations when its systems are disconnected or disabled;

Smart cards considerably surpass usual magnetic cards in the nadezhnostny and eksplutatsionny characteristics, For an example it is possible to provide the main characteristics and these testings of the largest producer of smart cards of the French firm in the world of" GemPlus Card International ":

"Visa" (VISA) renamed "Benkamerikard" which let out Neshnl Benkamerikard Inkorporeyted. Bank America" was formed after removal of the card program from under control ". "Chase Manhattan Bank" was the initiator of the card program, but owing to unprofitability was sold to them to association Neshnl Benkamerikard.