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The purpose of certified tests of product samples - their identification, determination of the actual values of indicators of safety and comparison to basic maximum permissible concentration (values) for detection of compliance that forms the basis for issue of the certificate. And also the carrying out standard tests for determination of the actual values of indicators of quality which is carried out according to the List of the indicators which are subject to confirmation at obligatory certification of foodstuff.

Therefore, that bread could be a sufficient source of the specified vitamins of group B, it has to be enriched with them. It first of all belongs to Riboflavinum containing in very small quantities even in bread from a wallpaper flour. As for bread from a flour of the first or the premium, it demands enrichment tiaminy, Riboflavinum and nicotinic acid.

The mass of samples (about it can be specified by body for certification taking into account the indicators confirmed at certification of concrete production, and normative documents on test methods. Introduction by the central body for certification of foodstuff and food staples of uniform standards of minimum admissible mass of the samples presented to the test centers is expedient.

Similar results were received by Osborn and Mendel in experiences with the young white rats receiving more various diet which consisted of this or that product of a grinding of wheat (a premium flour, bran, germs), cow oil and salt mix. On a diet from a flour of the premium of a rat very badly grew and developed; considerably they showed the best growth on a diet from wheaten germs and bran. When the diet contained a flour from whole wheat grain, during several generations Osborn and Mendel observed the normal growth of animals.

In this case the only method of enrichment of bread calcium which can be considered ideal, this introduction of skim milk - the natural product containing all mineral substances, vitamins and proteins.

The nutrition value of bread, as well as any foodstuff, is defined first of all by its caloric content, comprehensibility and the contents in it additional factors of food: vitamins, mineral substances and irreplaceable amino acids.

Bread is the main food product consumed daily. For all life of people eats in total 15 tons of bread, and its main part is consumed not separately, and at the same time with other food, that is bread acts as a necessary additive almost to any food.

The improved - from a flour of the first, second and highest grades. Prepare with fat addition (margarine, oil cow and rastitelno, sugar on 2-7%, also add proteinaceous improvers: whey, soy protein, dry isolate of fish protein, dry proteinaceous mix and other dressers. Aromatic additives do not use.