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At drinking treatment value and temperature of the accepted water has. Drink cold Mineralnye Vody strengthens a digestive tract vermicular movement, and at the increased irritability of muscles of a stomach, intestines and bilious ways can lead to their spasm. Therefore usually appoint the warmed-up water; cold water is only appointed to strengthen if necessary an intestines vermicular movement, for example at some forms of a lock.

From methods of internal application of Mineralnye Vody drinking treatment is most widespread. At reception of Mineralnye Vody inside, they render an irritant action on receptors of mucous membranes of the top departments of a digestive tract (an oral cavity, a stomach and partly a duodenum).

When spraying Mineralnye Vody in devices for inhalations there is a formation of the smallest parts loaded with electricity, so-called aeroin, however, in quantities, considerably smaller, than at a raspylivaniye fresh water in the special devices called by hydroaero ionizers. Therefore at inhalations action on an organism of aero ions takes place also.

Correctly organized regime of the patient and correctly conducted course of klimato-balneological treatment in the resort and in sanatorium always conduct to more or less considerable improvement in a condition of the patient and during pathological process and that the most important, strengthen its organism, increase the patient's resilience to adverse effects, increase his working capacity, i.e. have great preventive value.

Being besieged on surfaces of mucous membranes of airways, the smallest particles Mineralnye Vody humidifies them, promotes fluidifying of the slime covering them (especially at inhalations alkaline and alkaline and salt in, and also the numerous receptors which are available in these covers irritate. Inhalations have not only local effect on mucous membranes of the top airways, but also versatile general action. However the mechanism of their action still is fully not studied.