7 Steps To Write Research Proposal

Step by step guide to write a proposal

the principle of a gematriya - interpretation of the text on the basis of numerical word meaning. So, for example, numerical value of Eliezer, the servant Abraham, - 31 from this it is possible to draw a conclusion that when Lota is said to rescue that Abraham goes together with 318 people (Byt.14:1, means only Eliezer.

 ( to mukda at-meukhar oh - Torahs - in the Torah are not present previous and the subsequent. According to this rule, in the logical proof it is not always possible to lean on that the description of any event is provided in the text of the Torah before another as fragments of the text of the Torah are not always arranged chronologically. The rule belongs only to integral, logically complete fragments. Within one offer or one subject the facts always should be considered located in chronological sequence.

 ( ha-katuv be-hove) - the writing (for the description of the general the principle chooses an example which often meets actually. Often in the Torah some ban or situation are described on very concretized example, without instruction that they have to be expanded to the general case. Thus, it is represented that the concretizing details given in an example just and set exact borders of application of situation or a galakha.

Rabi Eliezer bin Yosi ha-Glili developed own system, entering Barayta 32 rules. It included in it thirteen rules of Rabi of Ishmael. Let's consider some of the principles stated in Barayte.

 ( and the Conclusion of the general rule on the basis of an example. This rule is applied to extraction of a logical or formal and textual conclusion from the instruction containing in one verse (mi-katuv an echo or in two different verses (mi-shny htuvy). In certain cases obvious similarity to the second principle is found. In parallel places in the Talmud the same conclusion is called .