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L.S. Vygotsky on the basis of special researches proves that the way of the word from the moment of its assimilation by the child is long and difficult. Internal development of its value leads to "maturing" of the word incorporating wider spheres of experience of the child opening new and deep communications of things and phenomena of reality.

Sense of style of the writer and the readable literary work is a manifestation of especially specific process of enrichment and development of the speech of the school student both at literature lessons, and at independent reading works of verbal art.

In the conditions of training in the 2nd class generalization of complex type, and in the 4th class "transitions to new, higher types of generalization-to the developed preconceptual generalization namechivatsya obviously" is peculiar to pupils.

Such source of development of the speech as work of art, it is impossible to consider without its correlation with life experience of the school student reader. Only the support on the experience of life of the pupil which is available already is a condition of deep reading and, therefore, enrichments of reader's experience, and together with it and developments of the speech in the course of understanding of language of works of art.

In the art text behind the word there are realities of direct life, concrete "things". And here it is necessary to notice that it is only the main tendency defining specifics of artistic speech. In the art text it is possible to meet the mass of the abstract, generalized words (for example, in philosophical retreats, lyrical thoughts, in aphorisms).

At teenage age (too taking into account gradual ascension to higher types of generalization) at first such type of generalization which L.S. Vygotsky called preconcept is approved, and then the period of own concept when generalization is made on the basis of the analysis of internal qualities of cognizable object, its intrinsic communications begins.

When the school student deals with a verbal work of art, he as if leaves the sphere of ordinary language and enters other speech elements, elements of the artistic speech urged to express the esthetic relation of the writer to life. Therefore, speaking about speech development of the young reader, it is impossible to reduce this development to the development of speech thinking characterized above, it is necessary to correlate these two processes to see that special contribution which brings his communication with verbal art in development of the speech of the child.

How figurative generalization if words in the art text remain concrete grows? This dependence of the concrete figurative word and art generalization was opened by G. O. Vinokur. He considers that the words in the art text acting in the concrete contents are a form of expression of farther and wider verbal contents, that is art generalization which has no own sound form and uses instead of it a form of another, the contents literally taken. "Thus, a form the contents serves here. One contents which is expressed in a sound form serves as a form of other contents which does not have special sound expression".

Addressing directly to features of formation of reader's verbal and art generalization, it is necessary to describe at least in the most general terms a difficult way of the growing and developing person to full and deep mastering the native speech.

Therefore, will speak about the text of a work of art and life experience of the reader school student as about two interconnected sources of development of his speech more precisely (the understanding of the speech and active word usage means.

L.S. Vygotsky considers the word as generalization, for it value (words - "an ideal spiritual form of crystallization of public experience, public practice of mankind. A circle of representations of society, its science, its language - all this is system of values. Developing in the conditions of society, the person seizes already developed values".