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Possibility of transportation of sticky materials in view of lack of contact of a "dirty" surface of a tape with any basic, etc. conveyor elements. As a result the solution of sharply standing problems on cleaning of a tape, subconveyor space, clearing devices, etc. repeatedly becomes simpler.

Stimulation of sales has to include product sales by installments and sale at a discount for buyers of big parties. Pricing will be carried out taking into account expensive factors, price level of competitors and consumer ability of consumers.

Comparing an ecological condition of plant (together with production of the conveyor with the existing PDV project, it is possible to claim that release of conveyors will not worsen an ecological situation in the air basin abroad of a sanitary protection zone of plant.

The market researches executed by IPTs "CONVEYOR" confirmed that in the present practically in all branches of economy the operating tape conveyors are in the state close to the emergency.

Because production of the conveyors offered to release generally is planned on the existing equipment, qualitative characteristics of the allocated vrednost correspond to vrednost of the operating production.

possibility of fast re-equipment of the tape conveyors of a standard roller design which are in operation in conveyors with a suspended tape, using metal-consuming basic elements, driving and trailer stations instead of acquisition and installation of the new;

The present section reflects planning of details of a complex of the marketing defining as a set of the variable factors of marketing which are giving in to control which set the producer will be able to use in aspiration to cause response from the market i.e. to provide sale of the made products.

The manufacturer is chosen proceeding from the experience of production of similar products, intellectual and production levels of preparation of the personnel, objective opportunity which is available for it in extremely short time to master serial release of this production.

Development of modern manufacturing techniques, installation, service and repair of the conveyors created in Bryansk with a suspended tape will allow to approach their quality (the trade dress, design and other parameters promoting realization on a world rynk to world level and to provide an exit of this new type of industrial transport to a foreign market.

Possibility of transportation of the fine and raising dust materials (cement, chalk, flour, etc.) in view of lack of fluctuations of a moving tape on support and possibility of reduction of a surface of dust formation due to partial or full short circuit of a tape in the cross plane, i.e., actually giving of a pipe form to it.